3 Facts about Auto Accident Attorneys


You Won't Owe Anything Out of Pocket


If an auto accident attorney agrees to take on your case, normally, you won't owe them anything up front. They are paid from the money you are awarded in your settlement or judgement. If they fail to secure either a judgment or a settlement, then you do not owe them anything and they are not paid.


This is a wonderful arrangement. It gives every victim the opportunity to have their day in court regardless of their financial standing. Without the contingency model, under which auto accident lawyers are paid, the average citizen wouldn't have a fighting chance against the big insurance companies.


They Don't Go to Trial Often


The attorneys in salt lake city are not the type of lawyers that spend a lot of time going to trial. In fact, they rarely do. In most cases, they are able to settle the case outside of court for their client. The latest data shows that nearly 79% of auto accident cases are settled. The reason for such a high percentage goes back to contingency fees. If the lawyers are only taking on slam dunk cases, then there should be no surprise that they are able to get the other side to agree to settle.


If an auto accident attorney, or any personal injury attorney for that matter, is very familiar with the inside of a courtroom that may suggest that they may need to tighten up their lawyering skills. When cases do go to court, the lawyer receives a much higher percentage in contingency fees. Since trials require much more work, the client must hand over a bigger percentage of their judgment if the attorney is successful. Know more about personal injury lawyers in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_injury_lawyer.


By Law They Cannot Seek Out Clients


It is a misconception that lawyers who represent victims are predatory. We've all heard the term ambulance chaser. However, this reputation is unearned and wholly inaccurate. What most people don't know is that the attorney utahare prohibited from making the initial contact with victims. Every victim represented by an auto accident attorney has sought out the lawyer.


If anything it is the insurance companies, which make auto accident attorneys necessary, that are predatory. They take people's money and deny rightful claims. Victims suffer just so they can continue to line their pockets. Insurance companies already get away with a lot of unethical practices and they would get away with a lot more if it wasn't for personal injury lawyers protecting victims.